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Director: MD Touqir Islam

Run-Time: 18 Min 57 sec

Aspect Ratio: Cinemascope (2.4:1)

Country: Bangladesh


A boy of a poor barber is unfathomably passionate of a local hero. He simply lives on dreaming and imitating the hero’s way of moving, speaking etc. His father doesn’t scold him but the reality doesn’t allow him to be that much fanciful. One day an incident takes place and turns his lifestyle very differently. His father died and he takes the pivotal role of maintaining his family but the dream still dominates him peeping into his tender mind.

Director's Biography

Since my childhood I have cherished a vision to become a filmmaker. While kids around me played with doctor kits, I carried my camera to capture moments. Since I started to learn from my surroundings, my hunger for film making kept growing. At age of fourteen, I made my first short film “Kankapuran” and that lead to lot of comments among critics which gave birth of my independent film production house “footprint film production” in 2008. I got involved with Children Film Society (CFS) where my dream to become a filmmaker got a platform to learn and nurture my hunger into reality. Once done with my schooling I started to look for options to learn in depth about film making and I came to know about Asian Institute of Media Studies (AAFT) Delhi, India, where I am currently pursuing my B.Sc. in Cinema (Specialization in Cinematography). Made short films, documentary, ad-films and stop motion animation. Working as a festival programmer for “Movies That Matter Netherland” since 2013. Also worked as “Head of Jury” for “7th International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh” during 2014. Attended many National and International film making workshop and seminar. Received many national and international prestigious awards for my work.

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