3rd August 2018 3:30 PM


A kid wants to live Tagore's dream of being a hero. The modern world brings in new challenges in the dream. Will the kid be successful? Are Tagore's thought still valid in the modern world?

"Birpurush" is about a child who gets rejected in his school annual cultural program. He prepared himself for the role of Tagore's acclaimed poem 'Birpurush', but rejection made his hopes shatter. On the day of the cultural program, his mother seeing the sad face of his child makes a plan to surprise his dad, by reaching home early. On the way, she hires a rickshaw to drop them at their home. The rickshaw driver sides himself and makes a call, informing that there's a chance.

Movie review

The director Saurabh Chatterjee, with his film, exactly gave life to Tagore's poem, where a child saved his mother from dacoits; here the kid saves his mother from Goons and getting them arrested. No doubt, this short film is a remake with a new touch. For a debut filmmaker, this has been an excellent film with a gripping story and a message of awareness. Speaking of the performances, you cannot point out any flaws in it. And how can you do so? In the mother's role actress Koneenica Bandhyopadhay did a fabulous job, along with Debiprasad Halder, Indrasis Acharya (father), and Tanish Chakraborty in the other roles. Overall, as a debut film, "Birpurush" is worth watching.

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Saurabh Chatterjee

In July 2017, "Birpurush: The Hero Within" was a recipient of an Outstanding Achievement Award in the Debut Filmmaker category of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, in India.