Film Info


Director: Sreecheta Das

Run-Time: 10 Min 37 Sec

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Country: India


Rachana is eager for a child. She has the means and all the maternal affection in the world, without anybody to give it to. Reba has to give up her child for adoption because she doesn’t have the means to feed her.


A tale of joy, loss, guilt and longing, Dolachal revolves around the two women and how they react to each other, all the while asking an age-old question: “What makes a mother?”

Director's Biography

Sreecheta Das has worked as a journalist with The Indian Express and The Telegraph, two of India’s most prominent English dailies. She has covered politics and administration of West Bengal at length and has also done several human interest stories. She had the opportunity to travel extensively across West Bengal for covering the watershed Assembly Elections of 2011, in the formative years of her career. The numerous interesting subjects and rich human interactions she had had during that period also contributed heavily in her dreams of making films about her region and its people. Sreecheta is currently in her final year, pursuing a course in Direction and Screenplay Writing at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata.

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