Film Info

Kobi swamir mrityur por amar jobanbondi


Run-Time: 14 Min 59 sec

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Country: Bangladesh


The film Statement After My Poet Husband’s Death portrays the emotions of a recently widowed woman who’s having a feeling of deliverance after the death of her poet husband.


This film is about a psychological journey of a woman named Rubi; once she loved her husband devotedly but the feeling is long gone. Sitting beside her husband’s dead body, she doesn’t feel any grief or any other emotion whatsoever. She remembers her life with this man, and discovers that her once beloved husband died to her long before his actual demise. Rubi is not a self declared feminist but her surroundings and her life-struggle made her a strong bold woman.

Director's Biography

I was brought up in Bangladeshi Middle Class society where a creative girl quickly comes into the attention of the so-called progressive part of the society for taking part in creative activities. At first, her works are appreciated, but soon, the the so-called progressive males starts to proclaim love towards her. Interestingly, that very males lose interest to their wives soon after their marriages. It is thought that the woman will love his husband forever and no matter what, she will try to protect her marriage. But a “creative person” is also a self esteemed one! For this, the main character of this short film, Ruby, loses the feeling of love she once possessed towards her husband from continuous abjection from the same; and she decide to be separated from him. She wants to live; for herself. For that reason, Ruby doesn’t feel grief or any other emotion following her husband’s death. He was dead to her long before his actual death. Who knows, we might see him dead on screen, only because he is dead to Ruby!

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