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matir projar deshe

Director: bijon

Run-Time: 88 Min

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Country: Bangladesh


Set in rural Bangladesh, 10-year-old Jamal spends his days enjoying his freedom with his best friend Lokkhi (12). One day, they decide to go to a village fair. But life changes unexpectedly for Lokkhi, the very next day as she finds out suddenly that she must leave her family and become a young bride. While the groom’s party is taking her away, Lokkhi and Jamal attempt to escape through the green wavy expanse of rice paddy field. Estranged from his friend, Jamal begins to notice his surroundings and realizes his need for a social identity. His mother, Fatima (28), works for a village elder Miya Kashem as a maid in exchange of food and lodging for both of them. Jamal’s job is to accompany Miya Kashem’s daughter. A regular work for him is to carry her back pack to school every morning. Jamal tries to admit himself but couldn’t be sure about his father’s name while filling out the admission form. Jamal visits his friend Lokkhi. Now she’s pregnant, and has moved on with her new life. The next day, Fatima goes to the school to fix the problem. The form is filled out and Jamal starts school from the next day. But Headmaster’s Assistant, Masud, recognizes Fatima and blackmails her to go to his place that night. Masud knows that Fatima used to be a prostitute and realizes Jamal was born in the brothel. She decides to go there thinking of her son’s future. She falls into Masud’s trap as he sets up a village court waiting for her. The village Hujur (Priest), Razzak, tries to rescue her but fails because of the crowd’s demand for her punishment. They decide to lash her the next day and lock her up in the school building while humiliating the Hujur. Meanwhile, Lokkhi goes into labor. Jamal rescues his mother by breaking into the school storage room. Hujur, Jamal, and Fatima flee the village for a new beginning.

Director's Biography

Bijon is the first Bangladeshi Film Production/Directing MFA- graduate from the prestigious Film, Television, and Theatre Department of University of California, Los Angeles. His debut feature film Kingdom of Clay Subjects has had its World Premiered at 42nd Seattle International Film Festival and has won the Best Film Award at 7th Chicago South Asian Film Festival, was also an official selection at 27th Cinequest Film & VR Festival. He has received numerous awards for his filmmaking including Motion Picture Association of America Awards, Edie and Lew Wasserman Film Production fellowship, Dorothy Arzner Memorial Awards, and The Nancy Richardson Fund. Bijon’s documentary proposal Beyond the Waves won the Colors of Asia competition at Tokyo Docs.

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