Film Info

Megher Meye

Director: Pallab Kirtania

Run-Time: 137 Min

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Country: India


Dipannita and her daughter Hasnuhana are coming back to Kolkata from USA in a summer vacation. Hasnu was born and brought up in USA.


She feels that she is basically an American and has got no root to her parent's motherland, i, e, Bengal. Her mother's basic intention is to introduce her daughter to the cultural environment and the heritage in which she spent her childhood. Dipannita is a sensible woman of having a deep connection to the enriched tradition of Bengal’s art and literature. A rock band member, Hasnu, is cynical of her mother's love and passion for Rabindranath, poet Shakti Cattopadhyay or Sunil Ganguly. But finally Dipannita’s intense will brings the unwilling girl down to the soil of Bengal .After a small stay at Kolkata, Dipannita and Hasnu come to a hilly-forest area along with Dipannita’s childhood friend and her daughter too.


Here Hasnu meets the man, Utal, volunteering in the area as a doctor for the under privileged Advises. The man charms her with his magical voice and of course those are the songs of Rabindranath. The whole milieu creates a new meaning of the songs to the girl. Hasnu starts to feel a deep connection with the man for his dedication and love for the poor people. And there the lady also finds out that, the man is actually her ex- boy friend, whom she was forced to leave in jail, as he was accused of his connection with the Maoists, many years back. Hasnu melts in an unnamed relationship with the man. We enter into a new world of love through this journey of her. The teenage girl faces Maoism with her mom’s ex-boyfriend.

Director's Biography

The film reveals the history of the Naksal Movement, gradually from CPIML of seventies to today’s Maoism. The Strong logical

background for armed movement of Maoists, on the other hand -- in spite of believe to the parliamentary democracy, Utal is in a search of a new alternative way through love and sacrifice.


In-between all these ways, we can find the little girl Hasnu with offerings of love, finding her own root, her destination. We also find Dipannita, deeply confused with her love, her root and Hasnu.


Though it’s overall a story of LOVE, but here, love for the nation, for the people and for an individual can’t be segregated, as we can see in ‘Antu` of ‘Char Adhyay` by Rabindranath. The film compels us to find out the source of Maoism, hypocrisy of political parties, the true face of nation. Right here the film has its strength.


Cautiously, no any known or star face is being used for the film with the believe that these unknown or a little bit known faces can very truly represent the common people. Haimanti from Delhi, Surangana from Birati, Brinta from Bardhaman, Bhaswati from Coochbihar and Rokeya, Pallab, Newton of Kolkata played the leading roles.

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