Film Info

The Last Tram

Director: Paramita Munsi

Run-Time: 19 Min

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Country: India


The last tram of the day enters the terminus at midnight, every night. Its only passengers are a toy salesman, a beggar woman, and an extremely handsome, well-dressed gentleman. He carries a distinctive briefcase with golden coin-shaped patterns. Every night, the mysterious gentleman visits a woman; a woman gaudy in her dress sense, frivolous in her manner and conspicuously foolish.


The man opens his enigmatic briefcase in front of the woman, takes out a pouch full of gold coins and shakes them. He also opens a blue diary and reads out passages. The desperate woman disrobes herself and flings her saree at the man. Before the crack of dawn, the man departs. He returns the next night, taking the same tram. He traverses the same narrow bylanes to reach the same woman. He shakes the pouch full of coins again. When the woman reaches out to ask for the coins, the man gives her a pair of binoculars. She wants to discover a new, more colourful world by looking into the binoculars. The man, however, leaves her for another woman. Like he did with the previous woman, he opens his briefcase to shake the pouch full of coins and offer the binoculars. This woman rejects the proffered binoculars and demands the coins. The man gives them to her. His illusions are all but broken. He understands that all that appeals to this woman are the coins and not him, the person. He remembers the previous woman, who, knowing that she will not get anything out of it, still loved him earnestly. He wants to go back to her, but it is too late, he has been ensnared by the trap he laid out himself. Hiding his face behind dark blue glasses, he gets on to the the last tram. The smoky tram navigates a dream-like landscape. Behind it, dressed like a bride, runs the foolish woman. The idiot girl, runs after the last tram in a fruitless quest for the infinite.

Director's Biography

Story, Screenplay and Dialogue Writer in Bengali Film and Television Industry since last 10yrs. Wrote the dialogue script for 8 nos of Bengali television serials like ‘Tithir Otithi’(Dir-Jishu Dasgupta),’Khela’(Dir-Ravi Ojha),’Binni Dhaner Khoi’ (Dir-Soibal Baneree),’Rashi’(Accropolis productions),’Chhayamanush’(Dir-Sanajoy Guha)...etc. Wrote story for Hindi mega serial ‘Kisi ki naar na lage’(JR Entertainment,Mumbai),Associate screenplay writer of ‘KUSUM’ (Balaji Telefilms)...etc. Wrote screenplay and dialogues for the film ‘Rongeen Godhuli’(Dir Debanik Kundu), ‘Mukti’(Dir Reshmi Mitra), ‘Ek-ekke dui’ (Dir-Drono Acharya), ‘Michel Khan Sen’ (Dir Satrait Sen) etc.

Member of Cine Writers’ Guild under the Fedaration of CineTechnicians’ and Workers’ Association.

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