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Director: buddhadeb dasgupta

Run-Time: 88 Min

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Country: india


The film is about a hunter from a royal descendant who desperately attempts to kill a tiger but fails miserably each time. Finally he plots a spine chilling game plan to kill his prey and win over.

Director's Biography

An economics professor by training, many critics consider Buddhadeb Dasgupta to be India’s foremost director today. His reputation as a filmmaker rests as much on the lyrical poetry of the film as on the socially relevant themes he highlights. His films exploit the realms of reality and sails beyond the assumed horizon. He is regarded as one of the master filmmakers in the world cinema circuit. His novels have a special place in Bengal’s contemporary literature. His documentaries have been no less celebrated. Three books have already been written on him. National and international accolades have regularly come his way, and his films are prized commodities at festivals globally.


Buddhadeb Dasgupta has won the Golden Lotus National Awards in Best Film and Best Director Categories of feature films section for seven times. Amongst many other laurels there are Jury awards, twice from Locarno International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary Film Festival. His film BAGH BAHADUR was certified as “Outstanding Film” in Cannes International Film Festival. Buddhadeb’s films GRIHAJUDDHA won Fipresci Award in Venice International Film Festival and UTTARA won Best Director’s award in the Venice International film festival. Eight of his films have been programmed in Berlin International Film Festival which outnumbers any other Indian Filmmaker while Toronto International Film Festival has programmed his films in the coveted Master of Cinema category for six consecutive years. Tope (The Bait) is Dasgupta’s seventh film that is being showcased in Toronto International Film Festival, Masters of World Cinema category where it is having it’s World Premiere. He has also won the prestigious Golden Athena, Life Time Achievement award from Athens International Film Festival along with Life Time Achievement Award from International Film Festival of Spain.

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